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8th November: Webinar- Improve your ventilation

8th November, 2022. 12:00

Join us on World Ventil8 Day for a live webinar with our partners and academic supporters

12:00pm GMT - Tuesday 8 November 2022

Join our panel of experts as they discuss how good ventilation can improve health and wellbeing as well as protect buildings. We will share top ventilation tips and practical solutions to implement your home, school or workplace. They answer the key questions such as:

• What is ventilation?
• What is the right solution for my building?
• How does it improve sleep/health/productivity?
• How do I know if I have a ventilation problem?
• Can ventilation really reduce the spread of flu, colds, and other diseases?
• Energy costs mean I don’t want to open my windows in winter – what options do I have?

BESA are supporting the global awareness campaign to promote the critical role building ventilation plays in improving health, well-being, sleep and productivity alongside scientists, academics, engineering bodies and environmental activists.

As well as showcasing the range of ventilation solutions available to building owners and occupiers, #WorldVentil8Day will recognise the skilled people who implement the measures and strategies used to make buildings healthier and safer – highlighting the need for training and recruiting more skilled people to take on this growing global task.


World Ventil8 Day

Practical ventilation solutions

8th November, 12:00


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